How Intelligence Agencies Can Hack Any Smartphone With Just a Single Text Message ?

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What if your smartphone is used to spy on you and others surrounding you?

Seems like a fictional scene from Mission Impossible series or bond series. No this time it is from real life Bond agency , yes It is from the British Intelligence agency that can do such an advanced task very simply by texting you.

How Intelligence Agencies Can Hack Any Smartphone With Just a Single Text Message ?

How Intelligence Agencies Can Hack Any Smartphone With Just a Single Text Message
How Intelligence Agencies Can Hack Any Smartphone With Just a Single Text Message

It appeared in the BBC that British Intelligence agency can hack any smartphones that amazes you. This fact was made public by former NSA contractor and Global surveillance whistleblower Mr. Edward Snowden that one who controls this advanced software can take over any smartphone device by just sending a special text message to the target. It is also described that there is not much one can do it protect oneself against it.
By sending just a text message it can gain control over your unit and perform such actions:
  • Listen to your calls.
  • Monitor your messages.
  • check your social media and other apps status and activities.
  • Take photos from front and back camera without any alert.
  • pinpoint your location.
  • Access the photos and videos in your phone.
It can monitor you even if you have switched off your device and what not, I think that it’s like they can virtually do everything they want from your smartphone.

The little inside what BBC got shows how it is done?

According to the whistleblower Mr. Edward Snowden says there is set of tool with code name “Smurf Suite” which consists of smaller individual tools that can perform a specific task.

Here is the list of tools in the Smurf Suite:

  1. Dreamy Smurf: The functionality of this tool as that it can Switch On and Switch OFF your smartphone without your concern.
  2. Nosey Smurf: This tool permits the agency to turn on your microphone and eavesdrop your conversation whenever they want and with maximum secrecy. Even if you have switched off it they can intercept your conversation as they already have access to your smartphone’s on off switch. 
  3. Tracker Smurf:  This tool as name suggests tracks you from any corner of the world and pinpoint your exact location to the British intelligence agency. It has efficiency of military standards and can find you even from the dreams.
  4. Paranoid Smurf:  This tool hides the digital trail of the hacker, It do not let user know that smartphones is no more in the owner’s control and had been tampered by hackers and is used to spy on you. One cannot find any proof of the hacking even the smartphone is taken to service center.
There will be no visibility of the special text message that was sent to take control over the smart device, it is highly stealth technology used for spying, narrated by Mr. Snowden

Mr. Snowden added that it is keenly crafted message that will be sent on to your smartphone but won’t be showed to the owner.

This all the inside I can get but clearly it is a sophisticate series of tool that can recruit any number of spies in their smartphone army to spy on any living being on planet earth, as if target is not using the smartphone there is a strong possibility that someone around him/her is using one.

Mr. Snowden also stated that this technology’s root is from United States National Security Agency (NSA) which provides the “tasking and direction” to its British counterpart. NSA has spent Billions on similar security programs.

Mr. Edward Snowden is right now most wanted man for the USA for turning against the country.

How to find free Wi-Fi Hotspots anywhere in the world

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We all have our own Wi-Fi at our home or work place. But when we are out and have really low data plan, what you will do? Imagine you are somewhere you don’t know many people and also not so familiar with that place, then what? 

Well, for such situations you can fine Wi-Fi Hotspots anywhere in the world. And what is it comes as free Wi-Fi Hotpots? There will be nothing better than having free  Wi-Fi hotspot around you. Here are some tricks through which you can find free  Wi-Fi Hotspots anywhere in the world.

How to find free Wi-Fi Hotspots anywhere in the world

How to find free Wi-Fi Hotspots anywhere in the world
How to find free Wi-Fi Hotspots anywhere in the world

1. Go to some famous restaurant or coffee house

Ever been to MacDonald’s or Star Bucks? They are quite famous especially among youngsters. Famous places like them are these days providing free Wi-Fi. You need to go to any of such places and then search the internet connection.

You will immediately find it and also can connect it. Such great places offer tasty food as well as free Wi-Fi. What else do you want?

The Best Fitness Applications on App Store and Google Play Store

Other than these, there are quite famous restaurant chains which also provide free Wi-Fi. Some other places including Coffee houses, fast food outlets etc. also provide free Wi-Fi to their customers.

2.More free Wi-Fi places?

Apart from coffee shops and restaurants, there are some more places which offer free Wi-Fi. You must be wandering where one can get free Wi-Fi right? Well, there are some more places like Public Library, Public Park, Shopping Malls, Large Departmental Stores, Super Markets, Book Stores as well as Public Transport authorities like Bus Stop, Railway Stations or even Airports offer free Wi-Fi. 

Whenever you are around any of these places you can get a free Wi-Fi connection. All of these places mostly have big crowds and you can easily get a internet connection there. Also most of these places are most common places where you might be passing daily.

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‘Taj-Mahal’ one of the most famous places as well as wonder of the world has recently started to offer free Wi-Fi to all the tourists. So if you are in India and going to visit the beautiful Taj then you can get free Wi-Fi there too. Even whenever you are at any of the famous places, you can simply search your device for free Wi-Fi.

So you can just pass from there and might want to stop there for few minutes for free Wi-Fi. All of these and some other similar public places offer free Wi-Fi to customers. Next time when you are around any of these places, you might want to check for free Wi-Fi connection.

3. Use an App to find free Wi-Fi Hotspot 

These days, there are huge numbers of apps available on different platforms. For every task, there is an app. You just need to have details for such app with which you can find a free Wi-Fi hotspot.

All you need is your internet connection for few minute until your find a free one. Here are several apps for Android as well as iOS users.

Wi-Fi Finder:

With this app, you can simply search nearby Wi-Fi connections. This app is very informative in regard to search a Wi-Fi connection. Through this app, you can get to know about all free as well as paid Wi-Fi connections around you. Wi-Fi Finder is available for both Android as well as iOS users. This app allows you to search for Wi-Fi connections even when you are offline. To use this app, you need to turn on your GPS.

Download Wi-Fi Finder App: For Android and For iOS.


This app is one of the mostly used apps to find a free Wi-Fi connection. It not only finds a few Wi-Fi but also connects your device automatically with free connection. Instabridge is a Wi-Fi Password sharing community through which it allows you to connect with free Wi-Fi network. It has wide data base of over 3 million hotspots. This app is available in more than 200 countries and is very helpful. Also with this app, you can set up your Home Connection and then when a friend send you request you can allow them to use your network. Instabridge is available for Android as well as iOS users.

Get Instabridge For Android and iOS.

WeFi Pro:

WeFi Pro is also great app to find free Wi-Fi around you. It also connects you automatically to nearby free Wi-Fi Network. Not only to free network, but WeFi Pro lets you connect with best network with high data speed. Hence it gives you connectivity to faster internet and faster video as well as better gaming experience. Also we can manually choose from available free Wi-Fi networks. This app shows us available networks so we can choose the best network. It also shows you which are slower network as well as which are faster networks. The WeFi Pro is available only for Android platform.

Download WeFi Pro For Android and iOS

All these are great apps and smarter ways to find free Wi-Fi Hotspots anywhere in the world. Most of all these ways as well as apps are supported into various countries. Hence you can search a free Wi-Fi hotspot anywhere in the world.

Even if you are on a trip and visiting some place for the first time, then also you will be enjoying nearby free Wi-Fi Hotpots. You can have access to seem less internet through plenty of free Wi-Fi hotpots.

The Best Fitness Applications on App Store and Google Play Store

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We all live in technology era and everything around us has become digital. Most of us all have smart phones and are using them through best possible ways. There are huge numbers of apps and games available through various sources.

Best Fitness Applications on App Store and Google Play Store

The Best Fitness Applications on App Store and Google Play Store
The Best Fitness Applications on App Store and Google Play Store
Mostly used sources for apps and games are App Store and Google Play Store. Both of them have tons of apps-games categorized into sub categories. So that we can easily chose apps and games of our choice as per requirements. Also both of these stores are quite trusted by millions of people. 

As everything is going digital, why not we get our health on step ahead? There are plenty of apps related to health and fitness, Sports, Work out, Stretching, Yoga and so on. We can sync these apps throughout smart gadgets along with our smart phone and can maintain better health. 

Now-a-days, everyone has become health conscious and thinking before eating. Also they go for healthy eating. For maintaining good health, one should think about their life style and everyday workout. All these things together can result into better health and better lives. 

Here, we are listing out several very helpful apps which can help you maintaining good schedule for exercise and workout.

1. Running Apps

Running has been one of the best and oldest exercises. Also it is the easiest one to do. No other equipment or anything else is required. But only running is not going to do it. You need to run but also need to maintain a schedule for running.

For running, there’s an app called Endomondo. This app helps you while running and also provides various details regarding your running. It gives you detailed statistics of your running. This app is based on GPS and tracks the record of your running time, distance etc. GET Endomondo from Google play store or App store.

Another similar app is, Runtastic. This app has two versions viz. Regular and Pro. This app also helps you to keep track of your running schedule. Get Runtastic app Google Play Store  or  App Store.

Among both of these apps, Endomondo is better. Both these apps are available in Google Play Store as well as App Store.

2. Cycling Apps

Along with running, cycling is also one of most preferred way to exercise. Most people choose to cycle over running. Cycling affects our entire body and stretches legs, hands, back, thigh and many more muscles. Cycling is multi functional way of working out.

Now, we all have smart gadgets, so we can help them to improvise out health. For cycling, there are certain apps as well as devices which provide you accurate data. So you can get to know about actual distance travelled as well as body stretching.

For cycling, Road Bike is the best as well as widely used app. It has been designed and produced by developers from Runtastic (running app) and is very helpful. This app comes with simple yet interesting user interface. It shows real-time data of monitoring our cycling etc. activities.

Just like Runtastic, this app also has its regular as well as pro version. Users can choose their versions as per their requirements.

Smart Phone:

There are some latest smart phones which come with some impressive features. Through such features one can get to know about their daily health. Even some of such features provide us regular diet as well as required workout trainings. We need to follow given schedule.

Also you might have heard of Heartbeat Monitor etc. in smart phones. Based on such sensors, these smart features provide us with best results. It shows us how much intake we had i.e. how many calories we have eat/ burnt etc.

So, if we keep regular track as well as spare time, we can maintain our health and get in good shape. We often think that smart phones are for apps and games and do not go on thinking about other features. But now is the time to think about your health.

For that, we have some of amazing apps: Fooducate (For android and For iPhone ), Noom Weight (For android and For iPhone), Moves etc. For those who prefer to workout at home, there’s an app especially for Push-ups. It is Pushups app. It measures total numbers of pushups.

Sync between Fitness Apps and Smart Watches: 

Just like smart phones, people are now getting smart watches. Smart watches have also become quite famous especially among health conscious. With smart watches, we can keep accurate track of our workout schedule and maintain good health.

Such smart watches can be synchronized with our smart phone and we can get all data analyzed into our smart phone. For various types of workouts and exercises, smart watch has always been beneficial. And if we sync smart watches with fitness apps, then we will have double benefits through them.

All of above mentioned apps and smart gadgets have become quite famous these days. By using them, we can get desired outputs and also we can get into good shape. It is important to be healthy. And also when you can be healthy by monitoring your health onto your smart phone, it is quite cool.

iPhone 7 Rumors, Expectations, Price and Features

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Well, iPhones have always been one of the most searched as well as favorite subjects amongst technology guys. Since Apple has been launching their previous iPhones consistently every year, now is a good time when they confirm the most awaited iPhone 7 or say iPhone 6S features – release dates etc.

iPhone 7 Rumors, Expectations, Price and Features

iPhone 7 Rumors, Expectations, Price and Features
iPhone 7 Rumors, Expectations, Price and Features

Here, we are discussing about some of iPhone 7 rumors and expectations. Also there are lots of features related rumors going around; we are taking a look at some of these amazing features. Of course, none of these features have been officially confirmed by Apple, but are worth knowing about.

First of all: Will it be iPhone 7 or iPhone 6c?

As we all know, earlier models of iPhone launched by Apple have some of similar names. For example, we first had iPhone 4 then iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 then iPhone 5S as well as iPhone 5C and finally there were iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.
So, we never know what will be next iPhone be called: iPhone 7 or iPhone 6S? But if we think about some of rumored features of upcoming iPhone – iPhone 7 then it will surely have some of very impressive as well as most recent features into it. Just like that Apple might name it as of new series. So it might be iPhone 7.

iPhone 7 launch Date?

Apple has kept kind of track record for releasing their specific iPhones mostly during September month. If we look back in time, we can see Apple has launched their iPhone 5 by September 2012, iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C by September 2013. Just after that, they have released iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus by September 2014.
And hence, one might say that Apply will be launching their upcoming iPhone 7 by September 2016. But we are not sure about it. This is just expected time by seeing the previous records and specific time of release.

iPhone 7 Rumored Features

Dual Rear Cameras:
The most waited as well as rumored feature of upcoming iPhone is that it will have dual rear cameras. There are multiple website and rumors about this feature. Apple has always been doing much about camera for capturing high resolution and great quality pictures.
Also as other competitors in market have been launching their smart phones with very impressive camera pixels, Apple would also want to be different about camera. And by launching new camera with extra-ordinary features, it will rock the launch of iPhone 7.
Looking into market rumors, we can see that Apple must have lots of pressure for making huge changes. It is rumored that iPhone 7 will come with huge camera upgrade. With that upgrade, the camera will be able to capture DSLR quality pictures. If it is true, then it would be great feature for iPhone 7.

Design and Look:

Apple has always been doing some changes into their design by launching new versions. So for iPhone 7 this is one of the possibilities. Also we know, Apple has been surprising their fans with huge changes into designing end and has always given more than expected.
It is expected that iPhone 7 might have side wall displays just as we have seen in Galaxy Note Edge, S6 Edge and S6 Edge + models.

New Headphone Jack:

Earlier, during the launch of iPhone 5, Apple has introduced their new styled Power Connector. With that feature, some of the fans were not so happy because they all needed to have new adaptor for that. Well, something like that might happen with the release of iPhone 7.
It is said that Apple is changing their regular headphone jack with some new jack called as D Jack. The D Jack is expected to be just of 2 mm diameter. This is some kind of new headphone jack technology feature. It is yet to be introduced by Apple.

Water Proof:

As we discussed earlier, Apple might be having several design as well as hardware changes – it might happen that they finally release iPhone 7 with water proof feature. Being water proof is like the most awaited feature for iPhone. But it never actually got into reality.
But this time when Apple is about to have lots of changes into design and all we don’t know. May be Apple will release iPhone 7 with water proof feature.

Wireless Charging & Scratch Resistant Display:

When Apple launched their Apple Watch previously, it had wireless charging. But it was part of Apple Watch feature. May be for their upcoming iPhone 7 they will have wireless charging for it too.
Along with that, it is rumored that iPhone 7 will have sapphire glass on the display. So the display would be completely scratch resistant.

iPhone 7 Expected Price:

Well, we are not sure about the price but looking to all these overall specs, we can guess the price for upcoming iPhone 7. Some say that iPhone 7 will price as:

iPhone 7 Price:
For 16 GB: £539
For 64 GB: £ 619
For 128 GB: £ 699.

So, all these are just the iPhone 7 rumors and expectations. We all are eagerly waiting for Apple to announce some of their official release. But until then, we just have to wait for it. We don’t know for sure about any of the above mentioned specifications.
Although all these specifications are very impressive especially about display, side walls and huge camera upgrade. Let’s see what is actually going to be released by Apple.