Why you should start two step verification for your Gmail account ?

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why you should start 2 step verification in your gmail account
Day by day thousands of the Gmail accounts are getting hacked and there is a question rises about the security and having a strong password for your Gmail account is not enough because hackers can easily get your passwords using phishing, keyloggers, RATs and many more tools are there. So Gmail have awesome feature Two step log in  verification. In this feature when you are trying to log in into your Gmail account at that time it will send verification code to your mobile and after submitting your verification code in the web browser you can access your Gmail account. Now Who cares if your password is 123456 or something else Winking smile

How to start two step verification for your Gmail account ?

  1. Login into your Gmail account
  2. Now go to Security
  3. Now under the 2-step verification click on setting
  4. Now it will redirect you to the login page and again login using your password
  5. Click on start setup
  6. Enter your mobile number and click on Send Code
  7. Now enter the verification code and click on verify
  8. If you are using your own computer then mark “trust this computer” and press Next
  9. Now click on conform
  10. And you have done !!!
Now you have successfully enabled the 2-step verification in your Gmail account now still one question arise in mind that what if you lost your mobile ? well still there is a solution for that, you can add backup phones to your account Smile And now your Gmail account is fully secured !!


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