Recover your hacked Facebook account

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Facebook became the most popular social networking website and now a days we are using the Facebook in office,college,home and in short everywhere and there are many people who are just addicted to the Facebook because of its awesome features and Facebook is going to graph search which is quit interesting feature of Facebook because I am using it right now and now lets talk about the “How to recover your Facebook account ?” There might be many reason that your Facebook account got hacked, Now lets recover it :)

Recover your hacked facebook account
Now lets start the recovering the hacked Facebook  account.
1. Login into your Facebook account
2. Now open this link
3. Now Enter your Email address, phone Number or username and click on search
Recover your hacked facebook account1 4. Now just select the one option among that two option. if you have selected 1st option then you should be logged in into your Email account. (Like mine is gmail account so I should logged in gmail account)
Recover your hacked facebook account2
and then one window will popup to conformation your Email account and then it will redirect you to change the password forum. And if you have chosen the 2nd option then it will send the password reset link to your Email address and then you can recover your Facebook account.
If the attacker have changed the primary Email address of the Facebook account then it will be too hard to recover the Facebook account !!


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