Bug Bounty Programs List

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Bug Bounty Program list

Bug Bounty is a program in which security researcher or hackers reports the vulnerability to the website owner and the website owner will give the bounty/credits to the hacker or security researcher. The best way to secure the website is to higher the hackers but companies cant higher all the good hacker/security researchers so they started the Bug Bounty program to secure their websites and they are giving the bounties/credits to the security researcher/hacker. so here is the list of the bug bounty programs!

Bug Bounty program list

As we have discussed earlier that for the valid bug the security researcher may got bounty or the credit in the website and here is the list of the companies who gives the bounty to the security researcher and Bug Bounty program is the best way to earn money online for the hackers or the security researcher.
1. Google
2. Mozilla
3. PayPal
4. Facebook
5. Etsy
6. Barracuda Networks

Hall Of Fame Or Credits

The companies which will mention the security researcher name in the website but they will not give the bounty to the security researchers.

1. Apple 
2. GitHub
3. Ifixit
4. Twitter
5. Drop Box
6. Red Hat
7. Zynga
8. Nokia

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