How to customize website design for personal use

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How to change the facebook theme
Using a simple browser add-on now we can easily customize website design for personal use. Most of the websites don't allow the customization like Facebook you have to use it in the default theme. But now using the simple browser add-on we can easily customize the website design and we can use it for the personal use.

Follow the simple steps to customize website design for personal use

1. Add the Stylish  add-on into your Mozilla Firefox [Add-on] or Google Chrome [Add-on].
2. Now install the add-on and restart your browser.
3. Now open any website i.e Facebook, Google etc.
4. Now you can see the Stylish add-on icon in the status bar just click on it
5. Select Find styles for this site and one new tab will open
6. Now select any style for the website and then simply install it with stylish
7. And you have done and you can also use different styles for the different websites like i am using different theme for the Google and Facebook.

customize website for the personal use Its looks awesome isn't it ? try this add-on and amaze your friends with it ;) if you have any questions then feel free to ask !


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