Install wordpress in localhost

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how to install wordpress in the local host
Wordpress is the best content management system and many bloggers are dreaming to make a blogs in the Wordpress  but to create a Wordpress blog you have to buy web host to host your Wordpress and posts and its little bit costly so before taking any risk it would be grate to learn Wordpress  before buying the web space for the blog. we can also learn Wordpress by creating free blog but there are many limitations in the Wordpress free blog like you can’t install custom themes, you can install plug-in, you cant customize the theme and there are many more limitations in the Wordpress free blog ! so it would be grate to install the wordpress  in local host. ;)


To install the wordpress we just need two things 1st server you can download any server but i recommend xampp server and the 2nd wordpress it self !
1. Download xampp server
2. Wordpress

Let’s start the tutorial :-

1. Install the xampp and make sure you have started 3 services (apache, mysql, filezilla).
2. Now extract the wordpress anywhere( i recommended it to extract it in desktop).
3. Open phpmyadmin and go to database and create a new database (check out the bellow snapshot).
how to install wordpress in the local host2
4. Now click on create and the new database has been created and now again go to the database and click on privileges and click on add a new user and then fill the details like username, password  and in host you have to select local then in the global privileges click on check all and then click on GO.

5. Now copy the wordpress folder (which you have extracted on the desktop) and paste it in C:\xampp\htdocs and then open wordpress folder and find wp-config-sample.php and then edit it with notepad and add all the information. (check out the bellow snapshot) and then click on save.
how to install wordpress in the local host4
6. Now just open http://localhost/wordpress/ and then click on create configure file and click on let’s go then add the information which we have configured earlier.
how to install wordpress in the local host5 7. Now click on submit and then click run install and then simply add the username and website name and then simply click on login and enjoy the wordpress !!!!!

Most Important

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If you have any question about this then feel free to ask !


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