Increase download speed using IDM optimizer

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Internet download manager is the best download manager compared to the other download manager like Orbit, DEP and all. There are many reasons why IDM is better then the other download managers but main two reason is it gives the maximum time resume and it also helps to download the videos which are embedded on the WebPages.

Increase download speed

Internet Download Manager also gives the maximum download speed available from your ISP compared to the other download manager and somehow still we can increase the internet download manager’s speed by just modifying the registry settings ! you think its too tough task to find the registry isn't it ? :D well we will not modify the registry setting manually and to change the registry setting we have a tool named IDM optimizer. Using IDM optimizer you can improve the download speed.

How to Increase Download speed Using Internet Download manager ?

Here is the few steps which will help you to increase the internet download manager’s speed.
1. You should have internet download manager because its the best and IDM optimizer works only for the Internet download manager.
2. Get the IDM Optimizer and then simply extract it anywhere and then simply run the IDM optimizer.
3. Now you can see its opened as shown in the above snapshot Now, click on Maximize Now and then it will  ask you to restart your Internet download manager and make sure you have restarted it will because its running in the tray so you have to close it and then restart it but i also recommend you to restart your computer.
4. Open the internet download manager and then simply start downloading or resume the older one and now you can notice that your internet download manager’s speed is increased.

IDM optimizer works fine for me and hope it will work fine for you too and you can restore the default setting but i recommended you to  do that :) just keep that setting and enjoy the higher downloading speed, if you have any doubt then feel free to ask !


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