How to deal with fake Facebook profile

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As we all know that Facebook is most famous social networking website and there are thousands of the fake profile and the purpose of fake profile is to destroy someone’s reputation and there can be many reasons like to ask something to some one and to be anonymous on Facebook! here i will give few tips to find out  whether Facebook account holder is fake or real one and there are many fake female account rather then male account, well today i will give you some tips which will help you to identify the Facebook profile holder whether its real one or fake.

Profile Name:

From the profile name you can easily know that whether the Facebook holder is real one or fake if they the persons are using some celebrity’s name then that profile must be fake if there is no more subscribers.

Profile Picture:
Most of the time fake profile holders are using someone else’s picture as their profile picture or they use some other pictures and if the profile holder is genuine then it have their multiple pictures.
About page (information page)

In the information of the user page the information should filled like if its a genuine profile user then more then 50% information will be there and the information can be fake but you have to make sure about it whether its fake or not.

How to report fake Facebook profiles ?

So, if you found the fake profile then you can easily report it to Facebook and when that account gets more report then that account will be disabled by the Facebook it self.


Just open the fake account and then from the dropdown menu select report/block and then the new window will popup.

how to report fake facebook account 1

Now simply select submit a report and then select  report account and then click on confirm.

how to report fake facebook account 2

Now select this is fake account and then select the very fist option.

how to report fake facebook account 3
And now mark on block and submit report and then from that moment that person will not able to communicate with you.

how to report fake facebook account 4
Now you got the message too ! that you have blocked that profile and then simply press okay and you have done and when that profile gets more reports then it will be disabled by the Facebook and the user will not able to login in to that fake account .


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