How to create awesome website using IM Creator

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When it comes to sell the products online then the basic requirement to sell the products online is to have a website so that people can know more about the product and then they can get interest in the product. Now you can easily design your website by just dragging and dropping the elements and the widgets. So in this tutorial i am going to show you how to create your website using IM creator so lets start it :)

Open IM Creator and then simply click on the Start Now. And then you can choose the template based on your website niche there are many templates available but i will select start from the blank!

create your website by just drag and drop using imcreator 1
We got the blank page and now we just have to add the elements in to our website. Well first of all we have to move the pages to the downwards because we have to add the title at the top of the page.

create your website by just drag and drop using imcreator 2
Now just select the pages and then go to manage pages and then rename the pages like we did and you can also add more pages to your website and then you can also design every pages as the way you want to design it.

create your website by just drag and drop using imcreator 3
 To add the title just go to the add an element and then simply select Title and replace the title with your website name and then set its size, color and all other properties.

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Now to add the slideshow again go to the Add an element and then simply select the slideshow you will be able to manage the images in the slideshow and you can also add the more images to the slideshow.

There are few social widgets are available and you can also setup it and add it in the website you can also add the videos to your site you can see our test website here.

There are many features are available in the IM creator like SEO plugin, contact Us forum and lots of templates and if you don't know the coding then IM creator is the best for you to design your own website.

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Now after creating your website just click on save and then you have to register for your account and then it will allow you to publish it and IM Creator is free service so there will be one footer advertisement in your website you can upload your website to your custom domain name using premium account and it will cost you just $7.95/month.


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