How to get an email alert when webpage changes

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Getting an Email alert when webpage changes can help us in many situation like we want to get an alert when the our result is published and we want to get the quick alert when the new content or article is published.

How to get an email alert when webpage changes
Using you can easily monitor the change in the web page.  I was using this tool to get alert about my result so when i think that the result will be released soon then i used to monitor the page using the visual ping.
How to use visual ping ?
Just add the web page you want to monitor and then simply click on Go and then it will take a snapshot of the website and then it will alert you when the website is updated or the web page is changed. You can also set the interval and the trigger and just add your email address and click on start monitoring! and then it will send you an email alert when the web page is changed.


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