Setup was unable to format the partition [solution for windows 7, xp, 8]

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Recently when i was installing Windows7 using my flash drive i faced one major problem and it was setup was unable to format the partition and my installation was stopped. We all know that windows sucks!! but somehow we are using it :D.

setup was unable to format the partition

When i have formatted my C drive and then pressed next it was showing me the error and it was making me mad and i have tried to solve it using internet so i have searched a lot about it but i didn't found any working way to solve this problem.  And in many forums its written that open the CMD and using diskpart you will be able to solve this problem but its not working and just a single mistake and you will lost your whole hard disk's data.

So how i solved this problem ? :D well it was just minor things what i have did after loading my windows7 i have selected my language (US English) and then i have unplugged my flash drive for 2 seconds and then i have plugged it in again and then my problem solved !

Now you may wonder that is this working ? :o but it was working for me and if you have faced the same problem then give it a try.


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