Samsung Galaxy S5 Release Date Coming: Curved Display Uncertain For Upcoming Smartphone

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We know that many of you must be waiting for the Samsung’s new flagship phone Samsung Galaxy S5 which is going to be the next Smartphone having a curved display, but there is a news that is going to disappoint you as the company says that at present it is not ready to start the mass production of its new Galaxy S device.

Samsung Galaxy s5 curved display Smartphone

Samsung-Galaxy-S5-Release Date
According to the company the main reason behind this is the limitations that may prevent them to begin the mass production of curved devices. The capacity of production of flexible 5 inch curved display is 500,000 panels or in other words, 30 percent of the overall yield of the manufacturer’s display components. As the two recently launched Smartphones of Samsung i.e. Samsung Galaxy S4 and Samsung Note 3 have been loved by the public and more than 10 million handsets have been sold in the starting few months only, it will be safe to state that the respective production of the company needs to exceed the quantity of curved displays that are currently being produced by the company.
Development History
Reports related to the flexible display began in the month of January 2013 when the company introduced its Youm technology in the market at the 2013 Consumer Electronic Show. However, the company faced with lot of issues with the flexible screen. It was said that with the development of curved displays the manufacturer had hit the wall, and the next phone i.e. Samsung Note 3 was released without any flexible display. However, Galaxy round was released with the curved display but the OLED experts revealed that Youm technology was not used in it.
What’s in Store for Flexible display Technology
Though the next flagship phone of Samsung i.e. Samsung Galaxy S5 may not have a flexible OLED display screen, but the company is going to work constantly on the flexible screen technology and will surely implement it in its future device that might be released by the company in smaller volumes. It is also suggested by the rumors that Samsung may release Samsung Galaxy S5 in two different forms: one having the OLED flexible display as well as metal exterior body, and the other one having plastic exterior body and standard OLED screen. Just like the curved displays, the recent reports express their doubts regarding the metal variant version of Samsung Galaxy S5. However with the upcoming World Mobile Conference in the month of February, Samsung will surely tease its plans for the upcoming year. And one thing is sure that it won’t be long before we are going to have definite information related to Samsung Galaxy S5 and its curved display technology.
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