13000+ Passwords of Amazon and Walmart Users leaked by Hackers

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Anonymous have leaked more than 13000 Passwords of the most famous websites like Amazon, Xbox and PlayStation network

Passwords of Amazon, Walmart and PlayStation Users leaked by Hackers

13000+ Passwords of Amazon, Walmart and Brazzers Users leaked by Hackers
 Passwords of Amazon, Walmart and Brazzers Users leaked by Hackers  
Hackers have published the passwords on the text document on GhostBin (its removed now). And that text document contains sensitive information like Username, passwords and Credit cards details.

Somehow 13000+ passwords is not the big passwords leak compared to the millions passwords leak. 

Here is the list of the websites whose passwords has been leaked.


How to secure yourself from this kind of leaks ?

To be safer from this kind of passwords leaks make sure you change your passwords at least once a week and don't use the same passwords for social media, Banking and online shopping sites.
Be Secure Be Happy! 


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