Hackers Can Silently Control Siri and Google Now From 16 Feet Away

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Recently, French Government Agency ANSSI has just come to know about some shocking things related to Android phone as well as iPhone. All those people, we are currently using Android based smart phone or an iPhone – they need to take a look here to make their smart phones/ iphones safe.

Hackers Can Control Siri and Google Now From 16 Feet Away 

Hackers Can Silently Control Siri and Google Now From 16 Feet Away
Hackers Can Silently Control Siri and Google Now From 16 Feet Away

The ANSSI has just discovered that Hackers Can Use Radio-waves to Control Your Smartphone from 16 Feet Away. Isn’t is shocking?

Well, there are so many things through which hackers can hack your PC/ Laptop/ Smart phone or so on. But this is like one of the easiest way to take control over your smart phone and get hacked all over.

How does this work?

There is nothing much required. Whenever these hackers can see any Android based phone/ iPhone with plugged in headset, they can start hacking it over Radio Waves and get your data as well as make anonyms activities in your device, without even doing anything else. And all of above, you won’t be even knowing a thing about this.

Whenever you are in some crowded places like Restaurant, Bar, Airport, Railway Station etc. you always have your Android phone/ iOS with you, most probably in your hands. Also we all go on listening to music through headphones while we are free, walking around.

So, whenever any of these hackers get to know about your phone/ iPhone and plugged in Headphones, they start sending radio waves into your phone.

It works through features like Siri and Google Now.

They send radio-waves and our headphone works as antenna to transmit as well as receive signals in it. They can do almost anything through this technique. They can make calls, send text messages, start browsing malware infected websites, send spam/ phishing messages through social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and also they can send e-mails through your mail-ID after hacking your smart phone.

All these things can be easily done just through 1 feet to 16 feet distance. And there will be no warning or error in your Android phone/ iOS so you can get to know. But no, there will be nothing just hacking.

As we discussed, they use Siri as well as Google Now to perform all these things. They send radio waves and trigger Voice Commands over your smart phone. So your smart phone will be just following Voice Commands simply. And mean while, hackers will be making phone calls/ text messages or even generate cash through this whole hacking thing.

Not only 16 feet but also they can hack more and more, they will just need some more equipment. Such equipments can fit in a car.

The ANSSI has also shows a video of how Hackers Can Use Radio-waves to Control Your Smartphone From 16 Feet Away all along.

So, next time when you are listening to any music on your Android phone or iPhone, make sure you are checking your phone constantly. And be aware of such radio waves through which you could be into serious trouble.


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