Apple Removed some Malicious Ad-Blocker Apps from its Online Store

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have removed a “Few” apps from the iOS App Store that could install root certificates and allow monitoring your data.”

Apple Removed Malicious Ad-Blocker Apps from its App Store

Apple Removed some Malicious Ad-Blocker Apps from its Online Store
Apple Removed some Malicious Ad-Blocker Apps from its Online Store

What actually are malicious apps?

Well, there are few apps which go on encrypting your device to the servers. Such apps and their features can even spy on you through your device. They can do so through SSL/ TLS via the online communication.

They communicate and create root certificates and go on encrypting connections. They are very harmful and should not be in your device.

While such malicious activities are going on inside your device, you might not even know about it. While you are surfing internet or simply chatting with a friend, such software/ apps may damage your device as well as data. When you are online, you will be re-directed to requested page although such apps might be working in back ground.

To stop all such possibilities and provide users a safe and secure connection, Apple is now going to get rid of these malicious ad-blocker apps from its online store.

And Apple has also advised users to uninstall any of malicious or suspicious apps from their iPhone/ iPad or iPod. But they have not yet announced any particular names of the apps – then how users are supposed to know about such apps!

Apple Removed some Malicious Ad-Blocker Apps

There’s a famous ad-blocker apps from Been Choice – which was previously blocking ads for Apple and was available on iOS App Store. But recently, that have been kicked out of Apple’s store.

They have tweeted about it and said that Apple has removed their Ad-Blocking App from Apple’s iOS App Store. So it is might possible that Been Choice’s App was installing root certificates from users and getting private data. That might be the reason why they got kicked out of Apple Store.

So, for all the Apple users, wait for few more days and then Apple will soon be releasing the list of those malicious ad-blocker apps which are to be kicked out.


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