China arrested Hackers at U.S. Government Request

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In a recent event, U.S. President Barack Obama and Chinese President Xi Jinping has agreed on several points including no one of them will be participating in Commercial Espionage against each other. And they met as they had this Cyber Deal.

China arrested Hackers at U.S. Government Request

China arrested Hackers at U.S. Government Request
China arrested Hackers at U.S. Government Request

In another recent even, simultaneously China has arrested some of hackers on the U.S. Government request. Isn’t it kind of shocking? This is probably the first of its kind even where China has arrested several hackers on the U.S. Government request. This is true yet somehow difficult to believe.

Both president met by last month of September 2015 and these arrests were done just before 2 weeks from the presidential meeting.

As we came to know, the arrested hackers were suspected for “Stealing Commercial Secret from Several U.S. Firms.” Along with that, they were said to be passing on these information to some of Chinese companies.

Also those hackers who have been arrested are said to be in U.S. Intelligence as well as Law Enforcements’ Wanted List. This might be the reason why China arrested these hackers or even may be it was because of the presidential meeting. We don’t know for sure that why china actually did this, like it never happened before. So…

As some of unknown source’s statement, it was something like this: “We need to know that you are serious. So we gave them a list, and we said – 'Look, here's the guys. Round them up.

Although even after arrest, no names or any other details or these arrested suspects have been released. So we don’t know who exactly has been arrested.

As of now, U.S. officials might be looking forward for some of Public Trails against these suspects who have been arrested. So let’s wait and see if China go on going anything further than arresting or it was just an empty gesture just before it was going to be presidential meeting and they didn’t want to make their relations worse with US. Or else, China is actually hoping to do something good for US, for sure. We never know until some official statement from either of the Governments.


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