Download Facebook Videos without any Software or tools

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Since more of social media sites have become much popular, it takes just few minutes for some pictures or videos to be viral, all over the world.

Download Facebook Videos without any Software or tools

Download Facebook Videos without any Software or tools
Download Facebook Videos without any Software or tools

Whenever we come to know about it, the very first response is to save that Picture/ Video into our smart phone/ PC/ Laptop. This happens more often with Videos. When we see any of most funny videos or sometime even helpful videos we tend to save it in our device. But unfortunately, most of us can’t save videos directly through Facebook.

Also it becomes even more complicated when we saw any video made by our friends and video contains all your best ever memories together. And you can’t save it.

But now, we have a simple way to download Facebook videos without using any software program or third party tool.

Here is step by step description of how to download Facebook Videos Without Using Any Software Program or Third Party Tool:

1. Log-in to your Facebook Account and log-in into it, as we are going to download videos from Facebook itself.

2. Now, see around your Home/ Wall and look for any Video. 

3. After getting a video, click on PLAY button. So then video will start playing.

4. While Video is playing, Right Click on that video, you will see several options there.

4. Click on SHOW VIDEO URL.

5. It will show the URL.

6. You need to copy this URL.

7. After copying that URL, open a new tab.

8. Paste that URL into the URL Bar.

9. Here, you need to make some changes into the URL feed.

10. There will be something like this:

11. What you need to do is: Replace “WWW” with “m”.

12. After replacing it, hit the Enter button.

Now you will see, that tab is also playing the same video, but the only difference is that: you will be able to download it now!

On that video, Right Click and you will see some options; you need to select SAVE VIDEO AS.

After that, you will be asked where to save video; select the location and the video will start to download!

Isn’t this amazing? So from now on, whenever you come across any video on Facebook, you will be able to download it, every time. Also you don’t need any software program or any third party tool to download it.

We often have seen so many videos, gone viral over Facebook, but then you were not able to download the videos and now you can download seem less videos on Facebook.


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