How to Easiy Post Story, Delete Story, View Stories & Number of Views of Story on Snapchat

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Snapchat Stories are beautifully described stories of your life along with your friends shown with lots of photos and videos.

My stories are everyone’s favorite thing in Snapchat. It shows your life in chronological order with recent pictures on the top and older snaps pushed back/ deleted. Rather than pushed back, your story always gets you moving along with past carried with you.

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Unfortunately, any of the Snaps added to Story is only available for 24 hours. All of the snaps could be added to your story as well as could be views by everyone, many times rather than any regular snap which disappears after a few seconds.

Here are some things to be done with Snapchat:

How to Easiy Post Story, Delete Story, View Stories & Number of Views of Story on Snapchat
How to Easiy Post Story, Delete Story, View Stories & Number of Views of Story on Snapchat

How To Add Snapchat Snaps To A Story?

It is very simple to add Snaps to any story.

You just have to take a snap and if you want then add filters or just simple text to that snap. Then tap on the square icon with Plus Button and that snap has been added to your story.

You can also go on adding many snaps to the story. There’s just one thing, any snap added to the story will disappear after 24 hours.

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Along with that, we can also set audience who can see our stories. For that, Go to:

Snapchat Inbox> Gear Icon at Top Right Corner> Settings> Who Can View My Stories.

Choose All your Friends/ Few Friends etc.

How To Delete Snapchat Snaps from Your Story?

Just like adding a snap, you can also delete a snap/ all the snaps. For that, Go to:

Your Story> My Friends Page> Type Your Name> you’ll see all the snaps of your story> To delete specific snap, Go to Gear Icon on Right side of the Snap? Tap on Delete button t remove that snap. You can do the same for multiple snaps.

How to View a Friend’s Snapchat Story?

Go to: My Friends Page> any friend, has a circle next to his/her name has a story> Tap and Hold friend’s name and you’ll be able to view their story.

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To skip any snap, just tap on the screen with other finger.

How to Know the Number of Views Of A Snapchat Story?

By knowing number of views of a Snapchat story, you can get to know which story was better and create more of similar stories.

But Snapchat doesn’t actually show Number of Views of a Snapchat Story instead of that, it lets us see Number of Views of a Snap. Along with that, it also shows us those users who have views snaps from our story.

For that, Go to:

My Friends Page> The Blue Eye Icon next to the snap shows numbers of views on that snap> Tap on that to see username of the viewers.

All these are the things regarding How To Post Story, Delete Story, View Stories & Number Of Views Of Story On Snapchat.

As Snapchat is being widely famous rapidly, more and more users are getting involved into it along with their friends. More stories are made with lots of snaps and users go on searching for these tricks regarding how to Post/ Delete/ View Story on Snapchat and more. All these things are described above associated with Snapchat.


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