How to Transfer Contacts, Photos & Text Messages from Android to iPhone

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So many people are having iPhone these days and switching it from your previous Android smart phone to your brand new iPhone. But sometimes, transferring all your data like Contacts, Photos, and Text Messages could turn out to be extremely tedious thing. Well, thanks to iPhone, they have the best solution for this.

How to Transfer Contacts, Photos & Text Messages from Android to iPhone

How to Transfer Contacts, Photos & Text Messages from Android to iPhone

Apple has developed their first and most probably the only Android app – Move to iOS app. This app is all about transfer of data from Android to iPhone. So now, if you want to transfer all of your data from Android to iPhone, then it will be quite fun.

Here we are providing detailed description about how to transfer contacts, photos and text messages from Android to iPhone. Although there is an app for that, you will still need guidance to transfer all of the data from one device to another.

  • First of all, through your Android phone, go to Google Play Store and search the app: Move to iOS.
  • Download the app and install onto your Android phone then open that app.
  • Now, go to your iPhone and go to Apps and Data. There you need to select Move Data from Android.
  • On your both phones, tap on Agree and go to next option.
  • You will see 12 Digit Code in your iPhone. You need to enter that code into your Android phone.
  • If you have entered correct code, both of these phones will get successfully connected with each other through Wi-Fi Direct Connection and through that your files will then be transferred.
  • Once you are connected, it will ask you which data you want to transfer, you can select as per your requirements.
  • Also you will be asked about transferring your Google Account, so that then you can log-in just after that.
  • It will also ask whether you want to transfer you’re: Chrome Bookmarks, Contacts, Text Messages, Photos and Videos as well as Camera Roll.
  • Transferring takes a few minutes. More data you transfer, the more time it will take.
  • After all of the data has been transferred, phones will be then disconnected.
  • Then you can continue with next option i.e. Continue Setting Up iPhone and you can log-in through existing/ new ID.
  • Also you will be suggested about all those free apps which are in your Android phone. If you want them to install into your iPhone, of course those apps which are available on Apple’s App Store.
  • Your iPhone is now ready to be used, everything you had in your Android phone, it will be all there.
So, this is the easiest way to transfer your data from Android to iPhone. From above mentioned steps, you can easily transfer it. Also as Apple has said, this data transfer through their Move to iOS is quite secure as you are sending data over secured Wi-Fi network. So, there is nothing to worry about any type of data loss or anything. Although taking backup of your files would be wise choice.

Other than this app, there are several ways to transfer your data from Android to iPhone. For an instance, there is desktop app called Phone Transfer etc. But more of those apps and ways are not as easy as with Move to iOS app.


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