iPhone 7 Rumors, Expectations, Price and Features

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Well, iPhones have always been one of the most searched as well as favorite subjects amongst technology guys. Since Apple has been launching their previous iPhones consistently every year, now is a good time when they confirm the most awaited iPhone 7 or say iPhone 6S features – release dates etc.

iPhone 7 Rumors, Expectations, Price and Features

iPhone 7 Rumors, Expectations, Price and Features
iPhone 7 Rumors, Expectations, Price and Features

Here, we are discussing about some of iPhone 7 rumors and expectations. Also there are lots of features related rumors going around; we are taking a look at some of these amazing features. Of course, none of these features have been officially confirmed by Apple, but are worth knowing about.

First of all: Will it be iPhone 7 or iPhone 6c?

As we all know, earlier models of iPhone launched by Apple have some of similar names. For example, we first had iPhone 4 then iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 then iPhone 5S as well as iPhone 5C and finally there were iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.
So, we never know what will be next iPhone be called: iPhone 7 or iPhone 6S? But if we think about some of rumored features of upcoming iPhone – iPhone 7 then it will surely have some of very impressive as well as most recent features into it. Just like that Apple might name it as of new series. So it might be iPhone 7.

iPhone 7 launch Date?

Apple has kept kind of track record for releasing their specific iPhones mostly during September month. If we look back in time, we can see Apple has launched their iPhone 5 by September 2012, iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C by September 2013. Just after that, they have released iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus by September 2014.
And hence, one might say that Apply will be launching their upcoming iPhone 7 by September 2016. But we are not sure about it. This is just expected time by seeing the previous records and specific time of release.

iPhone 7 Rumored Features

Dual Rear Cameras:
The most waited as well as rumored feature of upcoming iPhone is that it will have dual rear cameras. There are multiple website and rumors about this feature. Apple has always been doing much about camera for capturing high resolution and great quality pictures.
Also as other competitors in market have been launching their smart phones with very impressive camera pixels, Apple would also want to be different about camera. And by launching new camera with extra-ordinary features, it will rock the launch of iPhone 7.
Looking into market rumors, we can see that Apple must have lots of pressure for making huge changes. It is rumored that iPhone 7 will come with huge camera upgrade. With that upgrade, the camera will be able to capture DSLR quality pictures. If it is true, then it would be great feature for iPhone 7.

Design and Look:

Apple has always been doing some changes into their design by launching new versions. So for iPhone 7 this is one of the possibilities. Also we know, Apple has been surprising their fans with huge changes into designing end and has always given more than expected.
It is expected that iPhone 7 might have side wall displays just as we have seen in Galaxy Note Edge, S6 Edge and S6 Edge + models.

New Headphone Jack:

Earlier, during the launch of iPhone 5, Apple has introduced their new styled Power Connector. With that feature, some of the fans were not so happy because they all needed to have new adaptor for that. Well, something like that might happen with the release of iPhone 7.
It is said that Apple is changing their regular headphone jack with some new jack called as D Jack. The D Jack is expected to be just of 2 mm diameter. This is some kind of new headphone jack technology feature. It is yet to be introduced by Apple.

Water Proof:

As we discussed earlier, Apple might be having several design as well as hardware changes – it might happen that they finally release iPhone 7 with water proof feature. Being water proof is like the most awaited feature for iPhone. But it never actually got into reality.
But this time when Apple is about to have lots of changes into design and all we don’t know. May be Apple will release iPhone 7 with water proof feature.

Wireless Charging & Scratch Resistant Display:

When Apple launched their Apple Watch previously, it had wireless charging. But it was part of Apple Watch feature. May be for their upcoming iPhone 7 they will have wireless charging for it too.
Along with that, it is rumored that iPhone 7 will have sapphire glass on the display. So the display would be completely scratch resistant.

iPhone 7 Expected Price:

Well, we are not sure about the price but looking to all these overall specs, we can guess the price for upcoming iPhone 7. Some say that iPhone 7 will price as:

iPhone 7 Price:
For 16 GB: £539
For 64 GB: £ 619
For 128 GB: £ 699.

So, all these are just the iPhone 7 rumors and expectations. We all are eagerly waiting for Apple to announce some of their official release. But until then, we just have to wait for it. We don’t know for sure about any of the above mentioned specifications.
Although all these specifications are very impressive especially about display, side walls and huge camera upgrade. Let’s see what is actually going to be released by Apple.


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