The Best Fitness Applications on App Store and Google Play Store

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We all live in technology era and everything around us has become digital. Most of us all have smart phones and are using them through best possible ways. There are huge numbers of apps and games available through various sources.

Best Fitness Applications on App Store and Google Play Store

The Best Fitness Applications on App Store and Google Play Store
The Best Fitness Applications on App Store and Google Play Store
Mostly used sources for apps and games are App Store and Google Play Store. Both of them have tons of apps-games categorized into sub categories. So that we can easily chose apps and games of our choice as per requirements. Also both of these stores are quite trusted by millions of people. 

As everything is going digital, why not we get our health on step ahead? There are plenty of apps related to health and fitness, Sports, Work out, Stretching, Yoga and so on. We can sync these apps throughout smart gadgets along with our smart phone and can maintain better health. 

Now-a-days, everyone has become health conscious and thinking before eating. Also they go for healthy eating. For maintaining good health, one should think about their life style and everyday workout. All these things together can result into better health and better lives. 

Here, we are listing out several very helpful apps which can help you maintaining good schedule for exercise and workout.

1. Running Apps

Running has been one of the best and oldest exercises. Also it is the easiest one to do. No other equipment or anything else is required. But only running is not going to do it. You need to run but also need to maintain a schedule for running.

For running, there’s an app called Endomondo. This app helps you while running and also provides various details regarding your running. It gives you detailed statistics of your running. This app is based on GPS and tracks the record of your running time, distance etc. GET Endomondo from Google play store or App store.

Another similar app is, Runtastic. This app has two versions viz. Regular and Pro. This app also helps you to keep track of your running schedule. Get Runtastic app Google Play Store  or  App Store.

Among both of these apps, Endomondo is better. Both these apps are available in Google Play Store as well as App Store.

2. Cycling Apps

Along with running, cycling is also one of most preferred way to exercise. Most people choose to cycle over running. Cycling affects our entire body and stretches legs, hands, back, thigh and many more muscles. Cycling is multi functional way of working out.

Now, we all have smart gadgets, so we can help them to improvise out health. For cycling, there are certain apps as well as devices which provide you accurate data. So you can get to know about actual distance travelled as well as body stretching.

For cycling, Road Bike is the best as well as widely used app. It has been designed and produced by developers from Runtastic (running app) and is very helpful. This app comes with simple yet interesting user interface. It shows real-time data of monitoring our cycling etc. activities.

Just like Runtastic, this app also has its regular as well as pro version. Users can choose their versions as per their requirements.

Smart Phone:

There are some latest smart phones which come with some impressive features. Through such features one can get to know about their daily health. Even some of such features provide us regular diet as well as required workout trainings. We need to follow given schedule.

Also you might have heard of Heartbeat Monitor etc. in smart phones. Based on such sensors, these smart features provide us with best results. It shows us how much intake we had i.e. how many calories we have eat/ burnt etc.

So, if we keep regular track as well as spare time, we can maintain our health and get in good shape. We often think that smart phones are for apps and games and do not go on thinking about other features. But now is the time to think about your health.

For that, we have some of amazing apps: Fooducate (For android and For iPhone ), Noom Weight (For android and For iPhone), Moves etc. For those who prefer to workout at home, there’s an app especially for Push-ups. It is Pushups app. It measures total numbers of pushups.

Sync between Fitness Apps and Smart Watches: 

Just like smart phones, people are now getting smart watches. Smart watches have also become quite famous especially among health conscious. With smart watches, we can keep accurate track of our workout schedule and maintain good health.

Such smart watches can be synchronized with our smart phone and we can get all data analyzed into our smart phone. For various types of workouts and exercises, smart watch has always been beneficial. And if we sync smart watches with fitness apps, then we will have double benefits through them.

All of above mentioned apps and smart gadgets have become quite famous these days. By using them, we can get desired outputs and also we can get into good shape. It is important to be healthy. And also when you can be healthy by monitoring your health onto your smart phone, it is quite cool.


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