Top #5 Apps to Save Snapchat Photos, Videos and Stories On iOS / Android

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5 Apps to Save Snapchat Photos, Videos and Stories On iOS / Android: As we all know, there are plenty of messaging apps as well as social media apps which have become much popular these days. Among all these, there’s one more app – Snapchat.

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Snapchat has become widely popular all over the world, among teens. All of them are using Snapchat and totally love it! If you don’t know anything about Snapchat, here’s the thing:
Snapchat is a messaging app available for both Android as well as iOS platforms. When you send any messages etc. to someone, after some time or when they view/read it – it vanishes magically! Isn’t it cool? You can send Messages/ Photos/ Videos etc. But after some time, it vanishes as soon as the recipient reads it.
With that, some of the people have been searching for tricks to save Snapchat Photos, Videos and Stories. Here, we are providing list of Top 5 Apps To Save Snapchat Photos, Videos and Stories On iOS/ Android. So from now on, you will be able to save Snapchat Photos/ Videos/ Stories etc. on your device.

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Apps To Save Snapchat Photos, Videos & Stories On iOS/ Android:

Best Apps to Save Snapchat Photos, Videos and Stories On iOS or Android
Best Apps to Save Snapchat Photos, Videos and Stories On iOS or Android

1. SnapBox:

SnapBox is amazing app. But unfortunately it is only for iOS devices.
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SnapBox allows us to save all the Snapchat Photos and Videos in our device, permanently. All you need to do is: When you receive a snap – Open SnapBox and get inside it with your Snapchat ID and Password. That’s it. After you log-in your snaps will be saved in your device.

2. Snapchat Saver:

Snapchat Saver is for all those Android users who are using Shapchat and loves it. There are huge numbers of people using Snapchat Saver to save their Snapchat Photos and Videos.

As the name suggests itself, Snapchat Saver it saves data from Snapchat. With Snapchat Saver, we can save Photos as well as Video snaps. Along with that, Snapchat Saver we can even save Stories and Video Stories too.

Users need to remember that, Snaps are supposed to be saved before opening them on Snapchat.

3. SnapCrack:

SnapCrack has got some of more functionality inside it. With SnapCrack, we can surely save Photos/ Videos/ Stories but also it allows us to send Snaps from our Photo Album. Isn’t it great?

The SnapCrack also has a Paid Version with more features in it. The Paid version is available at $4.99.

4. SaveMySnaps:

SaveMySnaps is an Android App. With SaveMySnaps, we can view as well as download snaps.

All we need to do is: First download the snap you received and then view it. A Snap can only be downloaded before you view it.

5. SnapSave:

After you get SnapSave, it completely replaces the SnapChat app.
With SnapSave, we can View – Save – Send Snaps.

SnapSave is available for Android as well as iOS devices. But with some recent changes, Google Play Store no longer offers SnapSave although if you’re iOS user, you can easily download it at Apple App Store.

6. Casper:

Casper is an amazing app for Android devices. Apart from Saving SnapChat Photos/ Videos/ Stories, it offers something more than these.

With Casper we can: Save Snps i.e. Photos/ Videos/ Stories etc. as well as we can Send Snaps after applying several filters to Photos/ Slide Filters and also Add Stockers to the Photos.

So, this is the entire list of apps for Android/ iOS to save Snapchat Photos/ Videos/ Stories etc. In some of these apps, it also allows us to not only save snaps but even lets us to send snaps from the same app.

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All of the apps mentioned above have been preferred by large numbers of Snapchat users. And of course everyone wants to save Snapchat Photos/ Videos/ Stories that is why they all need these apps.


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