Latest USB Device [ USB Killer v2.0 ] can fry your computer’s innards in seconds

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A Russian Security Researcher has previously introduced a USB stick which is able to destroy all of sensitive parts of a desktop/ laptop just by plugging it in the desktop.

Latest USB Device [ USB Killer v2.0 ]  can fry your computer’s innards in seconds
Latest USB Device [ USB Killer v2.0 ]  can fry your computer’s innards in seconds

Now, they have released some of more dangerous USB stick with more capacity to blow the entire desktop/ laptop. (P.S. The researcher is nick named as Dark Purple) This latest USB Stick has been named as “USB Killer version 2.0".

What exactly a USB Killer v 2.0 can do?

First, let’s talk about the first version of this USB i.e. USB Killer.

USB Killer has DC or say DC converter in it. Once we plug it into our desktop, it converts and charges up t -110 V and then it is capable of applying the voltage to the USB Interface Line.

As like this is not enough, it repeatedly goes on doing this so that everything is surely broken down inside your computer. Until, all the sensitive parts are ruined it goes on doing this.

Now, coming to USB Killer v 2.0.:

The USB Killer version 2.0 has capabilities beyond our imagination. The USB Killer v 2.0 can get voltage up to -220 V through the direct signal line from the USB interface. Such power can go on ruining everything in your desktop/ laptop.

Also all these powerful things are done within few seconds and everything in your computer gets fried. Just after plugging it in, it immediately shuts down the desktop and then stops working. And then everything stored in it gets away as well as explodes.

Moreover, the Dark Purple has also released a video – demonstrating the USB Killer v 2.0 and its effect. They have shown Lenovo Thinkpad X60 laptop. The laptop is ruined totally and everything is gotten away.

USB Killer v2.0 testing.

Also they have stated that the laptop was specially purchased to test this USB Killer v 2.0 and had no plan to restore it.

Just like this, another thing is Stuxnet Work – it was specially designed to destroy centrifuges at Nuclear Facility. All of these things just started with a simple USB Drive.

All these things and USB sticks shows how dangerous a simple USB Stick could be. So whenever you get to know about anyone else’s USB Stick, don’t plan on connecting it to your desktop. Because who knows what that USB Stick holds inside it. It might be something like USB Killer v 2.0!


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