Download xRec to Record iPhone Screen without Jailbreak [How To]

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Do you want to record your iPhone screen? then you  need xRec to record iPhone Screen but in this tutorial we Hack For Security, will show you how you can  Download xRec to Record iPhone Screen without Jailbreak.

As we all know Apple always come with astonishing applications in their devices, which are quite difficult to find in other devices. Taking screenshots of iDevices and recording the screen of iDevices is really useful for all the users. But up to now it was not that easy to Record iPhone Screen as users where trying to record their screen but device does not support and they fail to do the activity as the facility to record screen was not available in the iDevices.

Download xRec to Record iPhone Screen without Jailbreak

Download xRec to Record iPhone Screen without Jailbreak
Download xRec to Record iPhone Screen without Jailbreak

We are aware that to this day, there are lots of great apps available in the App stores but when you are looking for something that is cracked or not available via app store then you always have to jailbreak your iDevice in order to get Cydia tweaks. The main reason for using cydia tweaks even for the simple apps is that it let you do thousands of things which apps won’t, for example, you can’t record screen videos on iPhone. Recording the iPhone or iPad screen is a part of core firmware. It sounds really fantastic that however now with the help of this new app, known as xRec you can record screen videos on iPhone and no jailbreaking is required.

xRec is newly released application and it costs $1.99 on iTunes, which can record all the activities of the screen. To work this application fluently it requires an active internet connection. This will make frenzy amount of difference and bring fruity amount of attention because it is the first app on the Apple device to offer this kind of feature.

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This new app, xRec is immensely smooth and prompt for use, all you required to do after downloading and installing the same on your device is just open your screen recorder HD and then tap on setting, after that just press record and recording will start. You can record whatever you like such as games you are playing or making any other video, it ingeniously records anything you want. The app shows a red, pulsing bar at the top of the screen when it’s recording. This is really too easy as once you are done with the recording just tap on the stop button and you are done.

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Here’s a detailed description of how does xRec screen recording works without jailbreak:

For showing your game play, scores, favorite apps and all other things you want, you need to record your iPhone’s screen using Screen Recorder HD.

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Alert: for using it first time you need an internet connection.

  1. Open the screen recorder HD.
  2. After opening an app the user needs to tap on the record button.
  3. Then tap on the setting and it is necessary to set the iPhone into the orientation according to what you are planning to record.
  4. Tap on the record and tap start; recording on the screen will start.
  5. Download xRec to Record iPhone Screen without Jailbreak
    Download xRec to Record iPhone Screen without Jailbreak
  6. Press the home button to minimize the screen recorder HD and open anything you want.
  7. Now, the screen record HD is in the background and do the activity of recording you want to record on your iPhone screen.
  8. After finishing the task, open screen recorder from multitasking menu and tap on the Stop button.
  9. Download xRec to Record iPhone Screen without Jailbreak
    Download xRec to Record iPhone Screen without Jailbreak
  10. Wait for encoding once the video is captured. It will take some time to encode the video into the compact format, generally it take few seconds or minutes.
  11. First the encoding is complete then you will see your video will appear inside the screen recorder app.
  12. Tapping on the blue indicator on the recorded video you can save it to your camera roll, email, Google Drive or Dropbox.
Download xRec to Record iPhone Screen without Jailbreak
Download xRec to Record iPhone Screen without Jailbreak

You can check the demo video of the application, and you will get to know that the app can be used in both landscape and portrait mode.

As per the tester’s opinion, xRec performs as promised and record device’s screen activity without interception.

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Along with the screen users can also record audio at different quality levels using this app. User can save the captured data to their camera roll or send it to the other installed apps like Dropbox.

This is really exciting that now this new application that allows users to record their screens, including screen activity while using third party application on your phone, and has managed to sneak onto your phone. You might be surprised that there is nothing new in recording screen videos on iPhone because there are many other tweaks and apps that let you record screen videos but the thing, which make this app admirable than other apps is that no jailbreak is required, you can just get the app from the App store and start recording.


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