iPhone Stuck in Headphone Mode [Solution]

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Hey there is your iPhone is Stuck in Headphone mode? and you are struggling to find out how to fix it? then you are at the right place, we Hack For Security have found the solution for the iPhone Stuck in Headphone Mode.

Apple is very popular for its innovation, it provides so many creative and useful features in their device. It gives extreme importance to music. For the music lovers iPhone is the good smartphone as it gives new level of listening experience. But now-a-days one very common problem is that iPhone gets stuck in headphone mode, this is not the common issue for the every iPhone users but quite annoying when something happens to your favorite thing.

iPhone Stuck in Headphone Mode [Solution]

iPhone Stuck in Headphone Mode [Solution]
iPhone Stuck in Headphone Mode [Solution]
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The most common symptom for your iPhone stuck in headphone mode is that, it prevents you from hearing the sound. The iPhone speakers stop working suddenly. Sometimes even you will get to see the Headphones HUD stuck on your Home screen. The problem can be related to software or hardware. Software problems are quite easy to identify and fix, user can easily able to fix it by themselves.

Why does this happen?

99% of time it is the hardware problem and not the software. Generally iPhone stuck in headphone mode because of problem with headphone jack. It seems to system that headphones are plugged into the headphone jack, even though it is not. If it is software related problem then it is the best to restart your iPhone.

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There are number of reasons due to which your iPhone gets stuck in headphone mode. Such as it happens when you try to change the volume level up/down and the volume indicator is stuck, another reason is that there may be broken piece or dirt in the headphone port. It shows something like “Ringer (headphone)”and iPhone indicates that there is headphone in the headphone slot apparently it is not there.

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Water damage is also a reason for iPhone getting stuck in headphone mode. Your headphone jack gets wet due to moisture content. One more reason is that your call audio setting got changed to “Headset” due to some reason.

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Direction to fix the iPhone stuck in headphone mode

Many of the iPhone users have to face the problem of iPhone stuck in headphone mode. It happens due to some of the glitches and bugs but there are couple of simple solutions that can fix the issue of iPhone stuck into headphone mode.

SOLUTION NO. 1:- Unplug and re-plug iPhone headphones several times.

This is very simple and efficient solution. The easiest way that most common people try to use the trick is to insert and remove the iPhone headphones couple of times seven or eight for instance.

SOLUTION NO. 2:- Restart your device.

Sometimes it is quite useful to turn off your iOS device and then turn it back on. To do that press and hold the sleep/wake button and move the slider to power off. When the device is off again press and hold sleep/wake button and turn the device back on. Just try it once, this method might actually help.

SOLUTION NO. 3:- Change the call settings.

This solution works if your iPhone call settings are changed to “Headset” and not because of moisture content.
  • Go to Settings --> General  --> Accessibility
  • Scroll down the “Interaction
  • Select “Call Audio Routing” and select Speaker or Automatic.
  • Go back to your home screen and toggle the volume up/down buttons.
  • gain open iPhone settings and change the incoming calls (Call Audio Routing) to Headset.

SOLUTION NO. 4:- Erase all content and settings.

Mainly all kinds of iPhone issues you can solve using this solution, including the issue of iPhone stuck in the headphone mode. Before trying to this solution, make sure you had taken back up of your device to iCloud or in your pc, after that you’ll be ready to start. Here are the steps you need to do:
  • Go to the Settings tap on General
  • Choose Reset
  • Tap on erase all contents and settings
  • Confirm the action
  • Your device will reboot.

SOLUTION NO. 5:- Remove and clean the dirty/jammed Headphone jack.

Before you actually use the compressed air machine to blow into your iPhone’s headphone jack, Grab the flashlight and shine it inside your headphone’s jack. If there is any dirt or moisture inside the iPhone then:

  • Remove the iPhone case.
  • Use vacuum pump, hairdryer or try it with Q-Tip, toothpick / swab and gently dig in to the iPhone’s headphone port to remove the moisture content or dirt out of the headphone jack.
It is quite disturbing when an iPhone gets stuck in headphone mode. The above solutions will probably help you to solve the issue of iPhone stuck into the headphone mode. Due to many reason obstruction can cause in audio jack of iPhone to get iPhone stuck in the headphone mode but there are some quite easy ways to get rid of this. You can also do some modification in the settings accessibility of call settings or you can make it dry to make it moisture free.

Hope by following all the above steps your iPhone’s headset error may have got resolved.


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