Lock Notes On iPhone / iPad with Password or Touch ID

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Do your iPhone/iPad contains some personal information and you don't want to be discovered by anyone? and you want to lock that note(s) on your iPhone/iPad? We, hack For Security will show you how can we easily lock Notes on iPhone/iPad.
Lock Notes On iPhone - iPad with Password or Touch ID
Lock Notes On iPhone - iPad with Password or Touch ID
Apple has improved the app substantially in the last couple of years. Apple always has something new out to offer it’s consumers a better experience. New awesome features which are quite exciting and promising for the users never stop to amaze.

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This time the long awaited iOS 9.3 was released and it brought some excellent efficient attributes including ability to lock notes with new 3D touch option of touch ID or password. Along with the release of iOS 9.3, the big new property in it is Night Shift mode to iPhones and iPads. Password protected items in Notes is a wonderful feature and mighty big upgrade in terms of features that it brings to table.

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A new feature of Touch ID in iOS 9.3 is a fairly sophisticated security options for iPhone 6 or iPhone 6+ & iOS 8 devices. It has the ability to lock individual notes in the Notes app, providing an additional and separate layer of protection for user’s personal and sensitive data. In addition to password protection, you can also lock and unlock Notes with a Touch ID on the iPhone that supports Touch ID feature.

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This new Touch ID feature of iPhone scans your fingerprint, so that phone can know who you are. This Touch ID Sensor is making your iPhone more secure. Through Touch ID fingerprint there is no matter for readability because it is capable to read 360 degree angle of your finger print and definitely you can add password and Touch ID permission requirement for certain notes in your Notes application. This is very advantageous feature as in this feature anyone who wants to access your notes will need to either prove identity with a fingerprint scan or enter the password.

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How to set up password or Touch ID fingerprint access for notes app on your iOS?

Apple has provided password protection as an essential feature on its Notes app. To update, you can either do it via OTA or by downloading the iOS 9.3 IPSW and then installing it using iTunes.

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So follow the steps [images will make you more clear for related query] below to let you quickly update to secure your information using lock Note with Touch ID and password in iOS 9.3.
  1. Go to Settings app on your iOS 9.3 running iPhone or iPad.
  2. Scroll down and then go to Notes.
  3. There select the password. Now, tap on the password to enter the password along with a hint.
  4. Also there you will see toggle for Touch ID.
  5. Enable that toggle of ‘Use Touch ID’ and it will also give protection with Touch ID to lock your notes in an advanced and more secure manner. Note that the finger prints you have registered in Touch ID settings will be applicable there.
  6. Now, hit the ‘Done’ on top right side of the screen to confirm your details.
  7. Remember to click on Lock icon you will find on the top. Without this the notes will be accessible.
  8. Once done, close the Settings app.
  9. That’s it. The selected note is secured.
  10. Instead of adding the password to the whole Notes app, iOS allows users to enable password to particular notes. 
  11. After enabling the it from Settings now you need to open the Notes app from where you can individually enable lock option for each note.
  12. For that, open the Note and tap on ‘Share’ button from the top right corner.

  13. There you will see option Lock Note, Tap on that and it will ask for the password which you have created in the set up process. Enter that password to lock the note.

A particular small lock symbol will appear on the list page when particular note has been locked. You will be able to see the content of the locked note, just open it and then tap on the ‘View Note’ button. Now enter your password or scan your finger in order to gain access to it.

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As the Notes app uses iCloud to synchronize information, your Notes will carry the same password on all the devices that use the same iCloud account. So If you leave a note unlocked and exit the app, that note will auto lock itself whenever either the device’s display turns off or when you close the Notes app from the app switcher.

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That’s it. This way you can easily unlock notes with Touch ID and/or password. As this feature provides an extra layer of protection for Notes, It can prove to be invaluable for user. Definitely one should add the extra layer of security to their private notes via a password or touch Id.


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