iPhone care pro. an alternative of iTunes

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Have you recently switched from the Android to iPhone or an old iPhone user, If you want to operate the data transfer or taking backup of your phone like you did in the android phones then here we want to show you something marvelous that will give you the power to exchange data from not only your iPhone but also from iPad and iPod also.

The tool about which we are talking is called iPhone Care Pro. It will allow you to do the following task without getting into any kind of sync process or connecting to iTunes:

File manager mode: In this mode you can perform the entire data transfer task easily, likes contacts to text, notes backup, calendar events backup, App backup, Music import/export, Video import/Export, browser Bookmarks backup and in photos camera roll and moments import/export.

iPhone care pro. an alternative of iTunes
iPhone care pro. an alternative of iTunes

One can select from the file manager any of the task they want to perform and that also without using the iTunes.

Taking backup of the contact has become easiest then ever it was, just check out it.

You can transfer the contacts hassle free from the iPhone Care Pro to your pc (It is available for both windows and mac), just select the contact from the list and choose the destination where you want it to be stored and it will create a text file for you with contact in it.

Are you one of those who like to write important stuff in their notes then here is a way you can easily take  backup of your notes from the smartphone to your PC, check how it is done:

By using this tool you can effortlessly transfer the notes from your iPhone to your PC, you just have to select the notes that you want to save in your PC from the list and it will do the rest for you, Also it can transfer the notes from the PC to your iPhone/iPad/iPod.

Too many events schedule into the calendar, you do not want to manually feed in the events again, take a backup as show below:

If you have scheduled many events into your iDevices and wanted to take a backup in your PC for a safe side then you can take it with the iPhone Care Pro, just select the calendar from the file manager and take backup so if you lose your iPhone or format no need to read all the events one by one just import from your pc and you are good to go! 

If you want to save your entire configuration in the apps then you can back it up in your PC, check it out how you can do that:

Have recently formatted your iPhone/iPod/iPad then you would be thinking of installing all your favorite apps back from app store but who wants do all that re install, what a drag? Then here is a solution for you, take a backup of all your apps and just import the backup from your PC and there goes your iDevices ready to be used with all your apps back in your smartphone.

Lost your custom playlist? Make sure you never let that happen again to you, so have a backup in your PC of your carefully handpicked songs, want to know how to do that without iTunes, check it out how it is done with this tool:

Transfer of music from your pc to your iOS devices have become easier than ever now, with use of this tool you just have to import files from your pc into your smartphone and no need to make a copy of your playlist and then sync with iTunes. If you were not the fan of iTunes then this is the alternative for you for the effortless handling of transfer of your favorite music into your iPhone/iPod/iPad.

Do you want to transfer your favorite videos into your smartphone or iPad without getting into all the sync and keep copies of your videos in separate directories?  Check out how it is done without the iTunes:

Here comes the option of simply getting your videos into your apple’s devices, like music just select the videos from your pc and import it into your device and rest will be taken care of by the tool, I personally find the transfer of music and video quite comfortable way of upgrading my iPhone with the latest stuff in the entertainment industry has to offer.

Are looking for something to replicate the surrounding of your pc’s browsing experience by having the same bookmarks in your iPhone or iPad?

Then here is a way you can achieve same experience of the surrounding in which you are working on your pc by importing the bookmarks from your PC to your smartphone or you just want to backup your bookmarks from the apple’s device to your safe PC then this tool will do the trick for you and vice versa is also true.

Are you in search of quick transfer of photos from your PC to iOS devices?

Then here is a solution, photos can be directly copied or moved to your PC directly from the iPhone or iPad/iPod, you just have to select the photos from camera roll or moments that you want to copied or moved to your pc with the destination that you want it to be saved and it will be done by the iPhone Care Pro for you.

Apart from the file manager functions this tool has some more interesting add-on, do you remember this message popping:

Oh now you have to clean your iPhone or iPad, the other option is to buy more space on apple’s cloud but if don’t want to spend some bucks then you can try this tool’s option of cleaning and removing unwanted files such as application’s cache, temp files, download temp file and app crashes log files. By clearing those unwanted files (No data loss, these files are all temp logs and crash reports files) you can create some free space without deleting any of your music/videos or any other important data that you want on your iPhone or iPad/iPod.

There are two modes of cleaning your iPhone that are:

1. Quick scan
2. Deep scan

In quick scan it will scan the temp files and remove all unwanted temp files and makes your iPhone fast and clears some space for the new data, it will give you less options then in the deep scan but will clear the areas that have maximum unwanted files, it will not harm any of your personal data on the device, it will just clear the logs and temp files which is overall hindrance for the smooth performance of the iPhone.

In deep scan you can select from the more in depth options you have to clear the memory, take a look in the screen shot and you can find the variety of the options available to you for clearing more space from your iPhone, you can use this option for carefully cleaning the unwanted files and boosting your device’s performance.

Here is the easy way of taking backup or restoring it to an early backup you have taken:

You can take the backup of all your data with one click using this tool or you can restore it to from a prior backup taken, whatever the need this toll will do it flawlessly for you.

Are you annoyed by the ads that give bumps while performing the task?

than we have found an alternative that can help you a bit as it will clear the ads from following ad networks:  Pandora, YouTube, airborne and many other but it does support the famous AdSense and Admob ads of Google as it is more genuine ad network it allows it to display.

Still the fewer ads mean less irritation in using apps. It would be great if it would have the same functionality as the ABP (AD Blocker Ultimate) which disables all the AdSense ads from the web.

Have you ever encountered the problem such as iPhone got stuck in the Recovery mode or DFU Mode?

Then here is the tool that can come to rescue you from the issue you are facing, In this tool there is a feature which will resolve the issue of iPhone stuck in the recovery mode or DFU mode, just select it and it take the necessary steps and recover your iPhone from the stuck in any mode without harming it or any data loss.

The last and the final feature of the application is to repair the iOS itself, if no tweaks work and you finally think that the iOS needs a repair then go for this option and you can easily repair the iOS on your  iPhone/iPad/iPod.

As shown in the screen shot you can import package manually if you have the iOS on your PC or you can download it from the internet, after downloading it will repair/install the fresh iOS and problem will be solved that you faced with the previous configuration.

It supports all the latest version of the iOS i.e. 9.3,9.2,9.1,9,8 and all the iOS devices like iPhone 45,5,5s, SE, 6, 6s, 6s plus, 6 plus, iPad Pro and iPad Air 2, iPad Air and iPad 4/3/2, iPad Mini, and iPod 6G/5G/4G/3G,iPod Nano, iPod Shuffle and iPod Classic
Overall it is a good alternative if you want to transfer data in iOS operated device like you did in the android it would be great if it could nullifying the AdSense ads but still looking at the bigger picture tool is still the worth given try for smooth transfer and backup from your PC to iPhone and vice versa.


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