How to view your workout in activity app on iPhone

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How to view your workout in activity app on iPhone: Are you struggling to view your workout activity in your iPhone? then you are at the right place we Hack For Security have found a solution about How to view your workout in activity app on iPhone.

 How to view your workout in activity app on iPhone

How to view your workout in activity app on iPhone
How to view your workout in activity app on iPhone

Workout is of prime importance in our daily life. It must be our daily routine in our stress full life. Workout helps to boost the energy level. It’s about being active throughout the day.

“Sit less, Move more, Get some exercise”
Instead of counting steps or calories, focus more on your overall health and well-being. Apple provides facility of  monitoring exercise activity like Gym,cardio or calisthenics via an application in the iPhones and also there is also accessibility for workout in apple watches. 
many application is available on the app store, including killer workout applications that could help you get fit and healthy. iOS developers have focused on fitness. There are a wide range of applications in App store that will definitely help you to focus on your workout. You can lose weight, eat better, sleep better, focus more, run smarter, workout more efficiently and improve your health in number of ways.

Here are fantastic iPhone Apps that will help you to get healthier.

Gym Goal:- Gym Goal is an iOS application developed by Maryna Kolokolkina to guide you through various gym exercises. It is compatible with iPhone and iPad devices and the default languages 
are Japanese, Russian, Spanish, French, English, and German.
Gym Goal is best mobile workout planner in the world. It is applauded by the expert Gym trainers. The benefit of using Gym Goal app is that, it is compatible with any workout or routine that you come up with. Here if you do not wish than you do not require sticking to the predefined programs and it will professionally organize all your workouts to ensure that you achieve your muscle gain, weight loss and strength goals.
Currently, the app provides 280 different exercises with animations and step by step instructions to ensure that you never do a particular exercise wrongly again. Users have an option to add their own exercise in a bid to expand its database. Pictures, text and YouTube clips can be attached to any exercise. It provides 52 workout routines and users are allowed to add their own routine.

It has additional features such as tracking system for cardio, circuit training, and strength workouts that is very flexible. You can use it to track all your daily sessions. The best thing of the app is its ability to calculate your progress and target heart rate calculations. It generates workout history to show you how various muscles were worked out, you will be able to know if you need to readjust your plan to exercise the various muscles.
Gym Goal is really very reliable and compatible with hundreds of exercises.   

Sports tracker: - This free fitness application will track and analyze your performance, monitor your heart rate and plenty more.

Get fit and stay Healthier!’ is the main motto of the sports tracker app. wherever you move sports tracker measures the route, speed and heart rate information and follows the progress. It also includes numerous powerful social features to help keep you motivated. Sports Tracker for iPhone has the award-winning tracking capabilities, making it the most feature-packed and professional sports tracker app for the iPhone.

It helps to keep track for everything from calories burned to average speed. Use Heart Rate data and Zone alarms for better training results. Store all training data in your workout diary and back it up to the Sports Tracker online service.

Sports tracker is the fun getting fit and the most powerful social sports tracking solution available for the iPhone.

Unique Trainer:- Unique trainer is one of the activity app from the app store which helps to view your workout on iPhone. It is the smartest, fastest and most effectively accurate personal training system. It is specially designed to improve your Unique Fitness Levels.

The name of the application itself describes that the application has some special and unique features. It provides motion-captured 3D animations lead you through every exercise, moment by moment. It has voice over which help to keeps the experience fresh and motivating.

You can use it anywhere, anytime. You need not require for any equipment or an expensive gym membership. Every Session is precisely customized to your health and fitness.

Workout trainer:-Workout trainer is fitness coach with thousands of free workouts and custom training programs. Workout Trainer is ideal for people who want to get in shape without using any exercise equipment. it includes audio instruction and progress cues along with workouts. You can see the instructional photos and videos that explains each move in detail.

Users can easily create and edit workouts using the exercise database. It also has option to add home screen widgets to see a new workout every day, and the best thing about this app is that you can play your favorite music while working out.

These are some of the unique and precisely designed activity app to view the workout on iPhone. If you are feeling tired or uninspired, you can find all kinds of inspiration to get you out if bed or off the couch and hit the gym. 


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