Touch ID Not Working in iPhone 6 / 6S Plus ? - [ Here's a Fix ]

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Touch ID Not Working in iPhone 6 / 6S Plus ? - Here's a Fix : Your Touch ID is not working properly? then don't you worry we hack for security have found solution for the same.

Apple is in the core of all new controversy, thanks to the error of Touch ID fingerprint sensor is not working in iPhone 6 / 6S Plus. Of course some new issues comes with any new technology. But there is also a solutions to fix that annoying issues.

Touch ID Not Working in iPhone 6/6S Plus ? - [ Here's a Fix ]

Touch ID Not Working in iPhone
Touch ID Not Working in iPhone

There is a technical description for this error. Touch ID uses human’s fingerprint to unlock an iPhone for the better security and hassle free usage. As universally fingerprints are our unique identity so it’s a security measure that Apple has designed to prevent the fraudulent Touch ID sensor from being used to gain access to the device. This uniquely paired Touch ID sensor is designed to keep fraudsters from getting access to your iPhone, collecting fingerprint information, or getting to your Apple pay transaction data.

The problem of Touch ID not working in iPhone 6 6S plus is that the entire iPhone will be useless until the Touch ID sensor is replaced by Apple. When the button is removed or replaced, any new software updates will fail to install without an error code and your iPhone will go into a reboot loop that can only be ended by replacing the original Touch ID button.

When Touch ID fails to work in iPhone 6 or 6s Plus…

Reasons of what makes your Touch ID fail or when Touch ID fails to work: 

No damp screens or fingers

Due to change in weather the moisture inside and outside varies a lot and that causes trouble while unlocking a device. It’s not the issue of Apple but it is just because of change in weather. Problem arise even because of fingertip or moisture on phone’s button. Damp finger, moisture, oil, sweat, etc. all of this plays a role in preventing the Touch ID working correctly as it makes the Touch ID confused so iPhone refuse to access.
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Damaged fingers

The fingerprint doesn’t change over time but there is a natural change in finger, like roughness in top most layer of skin or new skin growth and some other non-remarkable changes in the ridges and valley of fingerprint can affect the Touch ID of the iPhone. To fix this issue of Touch ID fingerprint sensor not working on iPhone, you just need to scan your fingers again.

Proper enrollment of the finger

Enrollment of the finger should be done properly. If the enrollment of the finger is not right it doesn’t seems to work when it comes to actual usage of the Touch ID. For enrolling the figure on the Touch ID of your iOS device you just hold the phone in normal position and put your thumb on the home button as you typically do while holding the phone in your palm, put it on the sensor multiple times until your phone notifies you about the completion of the process.

One finger – one fingerprint

Make sure you only use one finger for one fingerprint listing. It should be taken very seriously that multiple fingers under one fingerprint is not to be used.

Keep the phone clean

It is necessary to keep the phone screen net and clean. Because the sensor used in it is basically a CCD camera which has a sapphire lens on the top, the interface where the users push their thumb to unlock the phone. The fingerprint might come out foggy or the properties of the fingerprint might not appear appropriate to the processing center, if the sapphire lens is not clean, This might be the reason that Touch ID of your iPhone is not working properly so take care of your phone and keep it away from the dust, keep habit of cleaning your finger and phone just before using the Touch ID if possible.

Potential solutions on how to fix Touch ID not working issue on iPhone 6 6s plus:

First of all make sure that you have all the backup of your data on iTunes or iCloud. If it is already done then try to fix your error using different solutions provided as below.

It is recommended you to soft reset your iPhone. This might fix the issue. For the soft reset, press and hold power + home button for 10 to 15 seconds until your device is turned off then again you will get to see the apple logo on the screen.

You will hopefully see the issue being resolved, once your iPhone is restarted. If still the issue of iPhone’s Touch ID doesn’t work, just turn it off and use pin number or passcode for accessing to your iPhone.

Step 1. Go to settings -> scroll down and touch on Touch ID and passcode.
Step 2. After entering the passcode, toggle the off for iPhone unlock and App and iTunes Stores.
Step 3. Restart the device.
Step 4. Turn on “iPhone unlock and App and iTunes Stores”.
Step 5. Delete old fingerprint and set up for a new fingerprint (tap add on fingerprint).

All your trouble relating to Touch ID is resolved then you can unlock your iPhone with new fingerprint.

Hopefully suggested temporary solutions to fix the error relating to Touch ID will help the users to manage the circumstantial problem of device.


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