Why iPhone 7 is worth upgrading

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Why iPhone 7 is worth upgrading

Undoubtedly, Apple always comes with new exciting features in every series. Apple is highly likely to launch its third diamond in the plus series, in September 2016 with some of the advanced features in it and new look. Apple fans started countdown for the iPhone 7 release, they are very excited for the new
launch. iPhone 7 will be introduced with some fairly minor upgrades.  iPhone 7 is definitely be the great device of the tech world, it is a tech gadget that can change how world paints the picture of smartphones in their mind . Indeed iPhone 7 is going to represent a step up for the smartphones in many different ways. 

Apple is brilliant in making iPhone and Apple admirers will absolutely love this Up gradation of iPhone 7. Some peoples are exaggerating the features and others are downplaying them. As we know that rumors used to fly without wings, rumors often have competition between the optimistic and pessimistic views. The iPhone 7 might be one of the most anticipated gadget of the year but if you are not too impressed with the rumored features that are expected to be in the new generation iPhone then you  can check all the new features in depth that you will get in the new  iPhone 7 here.

Why iPhone 7 is Worth Upgrading?

Reasons why iPhone 7 is Worth Upgrading:

1. Anticipated Camera jump:

Users love to have a nicest shot from their phone, so camera is the most anticipated feature of iPhone. In iPhone 7 camera is the first pleasant update. The iPhone 7 will come with dashing dual camera concept. We already using single camera and that is so awesome, than just imagine what would be the effect when it will be doubled. The camera may have two lenses for capturing 3D image, I think one day I will not need to buy DSLR, just iPhone will do the trick.

The design of the camera is also quite interesting. We’ll have to wait more precise details but from the photos we come to know that the camera is having a protective metal ring around it, and for laser focus there is also a second hole between the flash and the camera lens. 

This dual lens 3D camera concept of iPhone is really very interesting feature of new iPhone, to improve overall photo quality and add depth of fill effects special care has been taken. Still there could be a lot of the new surprises that could surprise us at the time of the release.

2. Much Faster:

The modern smartphone user need more capabilities, much faster and powerful device as compared to smartphones only few years ago. In any of the phone nothing could be more elegant than faster access to any apps and widgets from the lock screen with a good speed. This might be the core of iPhone 7 , as Apple decided to adopt the new blazing fast and power efficient A10 Chip set for faster processing. This powerful processor will take the things to completely new level, making the best use of processing power, deliver the performance boost and reduce power consumption. This new iPhone will definitely be fast and powerful, but it is not yet decided that Apple will increase the RAM or will stick with 2GB.

3. Improved Battery life:
Battery is like a heart of phone and we know what is the importance of heart is.Nowadays one need long battery life to support our data based running apps and games. the iPhone lovers predicts that the iPhone 7 will have greatly improved battery that can last long. This prediction is based on more efficient processor, OS and also on increasing battery size which may get a mighty 3100 mAH battery.

Most of the users wish to have good battery life on their device. The iPhone 7 wants to increase its battery life, even though iPhone 6s/6s plus are quite good at surviving a full day with our day to day tasks. The extra 25-30% would definitely increase your experience, but still there is no clear information regarding the iPhone 7’s power efficiency.

4. Touch-Sensitive Home Button:

This is also one of the noticeable change that, the new iPhone 7 will arrive with a touch sensitive Home button so the users will get the large screen to play with it. In addition, button would combine the 3D Touch pressure sensitivity to skillfully distinguish between light touches and deep presses in the absence of physical moving elements.

This might be the biggest change in the iPhone 7. Due to addition of this feature, Apple can increase the screen size of this new phone without making the overall phone larger. As per the specialists opinions this is really commendable feature in the new phone but it is not easy to implement. If Apple can adopt the new touch sensitive Home button with button less screen, than it will be really remarkable.

5. Experience Ultra-Advanced iOS 10 on Brand New iPhone:

The next generation of Apple’s mobile operating system will certainly be featuring the advanced iOS 10. This new Ultra-Advanced iOS is containing outstanding power and will definitely give a good speed. Users would surely don’t like to miss this marvelous opportunity of the newest combination of iOS 10 on iPhone 7. iOS 10 on Brand new iPhone will certainly be a great experience, as it will improve the performance. With the upgraded features iOS 10 is available only to developers at the present moment, the official release is expected to come with the release of the upcoming iPhone 7.

6. Display and design:

Apple is going to introduce a new iPhone, you can reasonably predict that they will introduce with amazing new design and display concept. Apple refreshes the design of the iPhone with new model. The screen size of iPhone 7 will remain same but it will come with new button-less display, so the size of the iPhone will look little bigger. It might come with a Flush camera, a metal and sapphire display, no antenna bands and headphone jack. 

It isn’t yet sure that what will exactly change in the iPhone 7’s design and display, but it is expected to look precious and stylish. There is a talk about the iPhone 7 that it will be slimmer than 7.1mm thick iPhone 6S. The overall look will change with a sharper and more accurate screen, it could also be adding water and dust resistance into mix. Apple could switch to an OLED screen, 3D Touch will be almost improved.

7. Wireless charging:

According to reviews of latest iPhone model, wireless charger is a biggest change in this series. It will become easier to charge the phone without being bothered or always finding charging cables and related port. This will be the amazing hike in the feature of the iPhone. 

Apple is working on wireless inductive charging in close doors from a long time. Reason behind not offering the wireless charging is that previously technology has never worked through aluminum, now it is possible for Apple because Qualcomm revealed that its latest wireless now also can work through metal.

Previously this would be quite difficult to achieve, but if Apple comes with this new feature in upcoming iPhone than they would definitely prove that everything is possible if it is done with dedication.

8. Water proofing:

Water proofing phone is such an astonishing feature. It is came to know from the talks in the market that Apple is going to launch a new iPhone 7 with a water resistant feature. It means phone can resist in dip water under 1 meter, nearly about 30 minutes. 

In the previous versions of the iPhone Apple used Sapphire glass, which is stronger than steel, and perfectly transparent. Even though previous versions of iPhone are not waterproof. So in this new iPhone waterproof function is through a simple hydrophobic coating together in and out of the device with the closed design and removed the audio jack. The attractive reason for worth upgrading is that now iPhone’s life will not come to an end just because of it being dropped into the water. 

According to researches and discussion of the people, it looks really worth to upgrade the iPhone 7. There are numerous reasons for getting excited for the new launch of iPhone. Simply, we can say that, these iPhone 7 is loaded with fabulous features with incredible use of technology. 

Apple is showing it's continuous dedication and efforts to improve their device, and even in iPhone 7 they are going to manage to give lots of great new features. This is one of the reason behind the numerous fan base that have achieved over the span of years. This will be almost a world class handset with excellent upgrades. As Apple is offering some crazy, revolutionary technology in the iPhone 7.

There’s no official declaration about the Apple’s most recent phone and it is also not yet stated that there will be more of an internal refresh or an entirely new phone. Still we can’t deny that upgrade is wonderful and admirable.


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